Let’s Bring the “Human” Back into Human Resources

Bringing the "Human" Back into Human Resources

In today’s modern work world, things have become pretty tech-focused, and Human Resources (HR) sometimes feels like it’s lost a bit of its “human” touch. But guess what? That human element is super important! So, in this chat, let’s talk about why it’s crucial to put the “human” back into Human Resources and how we can do that.

1. Show Some Heart: At the core of HR, it’s all about understanding and helping people, right? Well, empathy is a big deal here. It means really listening to folks, getting what’s bothering them, and responding with kindness and care. When HR shows empathy, it makes employees feel valued and supported.

2. Build Real Connections: You know, it’s all about relationships. HR should be someone you can talk to, someone approachable. Building trust and connections is the name of the game.

3. Personalize the Experience: Everyone’s different, right? So why should HR treat everyone the same? Tailoring HR support, benefits, and growth opportunities to each person’s needs can make a big difference.

4. Keep Everyone Feeling Good: HR isn’t just about insurance and paperwork; it’s also about making sure people are mentally and emotionally okay. Things like flexible work arrangements, stress relief, and work-life balance policies can make work a happier place.

5. Talk It Out: Communication should be a two-way street. HR should encourage people to share their thoughts, ideas, and worries. And, importantly, HR should take action based on what they hear.

6. Give a Pat on the Back: Recognizing good work is so important. HR should work with managers to create ways to celebrate achievements, no matter how big or small.

7. Help People Grow: HR should be all about helping folks learn and grow. That means offering training, skill-building, and opportunities for career growth.

8. Be a Champion for Diversity and Inclusion: HR should lead the way in making sure everyone feels welcome and respected at work, no matter who they are. That means hiring a diverse group of people, teaching about inclusion, and creating a workplace where everyone belongs.

9. Lead by Example: HR professionals should walk the talk. They should be the first ones to show what a human-centered approach looks like.

So, in a nutshell, while technology and data are awesome, let’s not forget the “human” part of HR. By being empathetic, building connections, personalizing experiences, promoting well-being, listening, celebrating achievements, supporting growth, championing diversity, and leading by example, we can totally bring back the “human” into Human Resources. And when we do that, it’s a win-win for everyone, from the employees to the whole organization.


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