Is Using A Recruitment Agency for Job Hunting Beneficial?

Are you worried about using recruitment agencies and yet you are desirous of landing that dream job or getting a better one? This article is designed to provide insight for you so that you could make an informed decision for your career advancement.

Why use a recruitment company in the first place!

Getting a good job can be sometimes a daunting task, and these days many organizations outsource the hiring of employees to recruitment agencies, for that reason saving them precious person-hours normally required for filling a key position. Agencies are already set up for finding satisfactory employees for companies and have the potential to provide a massive database of both permanent and contract employees both looking for an alternate course in their profession or a new position; frequently they already have suitable professionals in their database.

How about saving yourself some time

New candidates of an esteemed standard with a range of experience throughout a wide variety of niche areas in the job market are added to the database daily, if you are in the job market then becoming a candidate in a recruitment agency can make a lot of sense as it saves you time and effort having to go via the entire application procedure with each new company. If you are working full-time then they do all the groundwork in finding you a role that suits you, as well as providing recommendations and help.

Are you currently working and intend to change your job?

For those intending to move to a different area, then agencies are excellent for securing short period contracts till you discover your feet and are prepared for a full-time position. There’s hardly a way you won’t discover a desirable job offer in no time, as long as you have the relevant qualities and qualifications.

Why not work with experts?

Recruitment agencies hire a professional team of consultants who have a top-notch depth of expertise about the possibilities that exist inside the industry. Their function is to effectively find suitable positions for candidates, attainable through the establishment of a vast network.

There are usually all sorts of preferences open to you when searching for work, from part and full time to short and lengthy period contracts, and even informal work for people who have prior commitments but want to earn money now and again. Signing up with an agency offers you a lot greater opportunities as more than one company is searching for workers, and it is simply a case of matching your abilities and knowledge with the job profile. As the agency has already carried out all the background and reference checks, and some competencies tests, then you also save a lot of time as you are already halfway there.

Just a note:

Applying for jobs via an agency is also as stringent as applying at once to an organization, and the equal guidelines apply concerning the application and interview. In a modern-day competitive job market, presentation and preparation are the answer if you want to stand the best chance.

Avoid the risks

There are many fraudulent elements in the job market posing as employers with the hope of defrauding unsuspecting job seekers and even as bad as having sinister plans to kidnap, kill or rape their victims. There have been stories that made headlines among so many others that don’t about the ordeals jobseeker face in the hands of these fraudulent and evil characters masquerading as employers and even agencies.

Using reputable agencies will save you all the hassles of dealing with imposters. They verify their clients as much as they verify your information before starting the recruitment process. Hence they provide some protection for you and you can go for a physical interview with confidence though care must always be taken in every situation.

Take action now!

Find the perfect job in Nigeria the convenient way, contact Jobilate or your nearby recruitment agency, and view their recent job openings. Representing a range of important Nigerian firms, you’re assured to get all types of offers in a brief time and can then determine which vacancies you are more interested in. If you already have a full-time job or are on a brief contract and want to find a more stable position, they can assist you out.



Here are the top five recruitment firms and job platforms to help you in your job search in Nigeria.

  1.   Jobilate

  2. Jobberman

  3. LinkedIn

  4. Indeed

  5. Delon Jobs


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