Scamphobia – causes and solutions

In this article we seek to deal with a majosr issue that has been and is still limiting so many in their journey ato career success and success in other areas of life. It’s a psychiatric condition I call Scamphobia.

Scamfobia can be defined as the chronic fear of scam that is usually inherent in the scammed who are mainly fools because they see everything else as scam except the scammers scam. They are in themselves scammers as they deny themselves the requisite knowledge needed for their protection and go ahead to expect that sheer intuition will keep them. They are greedy people who will fall continuously and hopelessly for the smart scammers as long as they fail to deal with their greed and ignorance. 

The known cure for scamphobia is knowledge. 

Seek knowledge.  Quote: A man of knowledge is not fit for any form of slavery.

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